Do I Need A Base For A Pull Out Wire Basket?

Kitchen Storage

Bases for your pull out wire basket can be a great addition if storing bottles and spices. Here is a quick guide showing when you need a non slip base and when you don’t.


W H Y  U S E  B A S E S

You might think a base is required because things slip through the basket wires. They don’t. We’ve designed these bases to provide stability when the basket is being pulled in/out. A non slip bases for your basket is great for these items below:


1. Bottles

Bottles and any other tall items have good stability when sitting on a flat base. The moulded bottoms of soft dring bottles are generally very unstable so a non slip base is perfect.

2. Spices

Spice jars, such as the Masterfoods glass jars, are better on a non slip base. Bases prevent these smaller glass items from rolling, falling or moving – maintaining their stability.

3. Oils/sauces

The great thing about our bases is that they are easily removed and cleaned, so if you are storing bottles that are prone to leaks from everyday usage, the non-slip bases work especially well.


W H E N   B A S E S  A R E  N O T  R E Q U I R E D

Much of what you are storing in a pantry is in a packet of some kind. Boxes, tins and plastic packets are completely fine sitting on wire. Some of our customers like to use bases to make cleaning easy should something spill or tip but this is a personal preference.



S U P E R I O R  Q U A L I T Y   &   P R O D U C T   R A N G E

Australian owned, Australian designed – all Tansel products are made from stainless steel wire and come in a wide range of standard measurements. Please ask us for further information about custom sizes.


I N T E R N A L  M E A S U R E M E N T S

Simply measure the height, width and depth of your cabinets internally. Contact us with the dimensions (and photos help too) and we can advise you with the rest.


D O – I T – Y O U R S E L F  I N S T A L L A T I O N

Tansel products are easy to install and ideal for DIY jobs. When or where need be, a professional tradesman can do the job also.


L I F E T I M E  W A R R A N T Y

Our chrome plated stainless steel wire comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust. We also include a lifetime warranty on the functionality of slides and mechanisms.


N E E D  A D V I C E ?  C O N T A C T  U S

Our knowledgeable consultants give expert advice to help you select the most suitable products for your storage needs.


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