Home Storage For Entertainment Units

Entertainment Unit Storage



Before, the space available in this cabinet under the TV was not nearly using its capacity for home storage. The bottom of the unit had one shelf only and the possibilities for storing all under the TV necessities were minimal.

Cords, leads and wires were also hogging the space under the tv, without room left for anything else. But did you know the options for using the space in your entertainment unit effectively are many for home storage?

After, simply by adding a pull out wire basket or two (or as many as you like), you can transform the space available in your cabinet to make room for all your living room necessities. Now all your entertainment players have a place.

There is plenty of storage left available for remotes, consoles and devices.What is more, your DVD’s are now easy to find – choosing a movie to watch on TV will never be difficult again with all of them neatly there in front of you.

Lastly, store all your cords safely at the back or to the side of your entertainment players, and access them easily with one single pull out action with your drawer. A messy entertainment unit is a thing of the past now.



S U P E R I O R  Q U A L I T Y   &   P R O D U C T   R A N G E

Australian owned, Australian designed – all Tansel products are made from stainless steel wire and come in a wide range of standard measurements. Please ask us for further information about custom sizes.

I N T E R N A L  M E A S U R E M E N T S

Simply measure the height, width and depth of your cabinets internally. Contact us with the dimensions (and photos help too) and we can advise you with the rest.

D O – I T – Y O U R S E L F  I N S T A L L A T I O N

Tansel products are easy to install and ideal for DIY jobs. When or where need be, a professional tradesman can do the job also.

L I F E T I M E  W A R R A N T Y

Our chrome plated stainless steel wire comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust. We also include a lifetime warranty on the functionality of slides and mechanisms.

N E E D  A D V I C E ?  C O N T A C T  U S

Our knowledgeable consultants give expert advice to help you select the most suitable products for your storage needs.

Call 02 9440 9800 or email info@tansel.com.au today.

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