Installation Tips

Slides can be adapted to fit most custom built (non standard) cabinets.

Different specifications apply for baskets that accommodate extra deep cabinets (700mm+).

Please enquire directly on (02) 9440 9800 for any assistance in choosing the correct product for your storage requirements.


Storage Maximisation

To assist us with your enquiries, please advise internal (or external) cabinet dimensions so we can optimise your storage space. Measurements and information required are:

  1. internal width (wall to wall)
  2. internal depth (excluding door)
  3. internal height
  4. single door, double or no door

Additional packers and spacers are provided, these may vary from 4mm to 20mm.


Installation Notes

Unless we advise otherwise, the hook is positioned onto the lowest wire of the basket.

If you are using the 13mm slides, the black disconnect lever is accessible by fully extending the slide.


Product Care

All wire is chrome plated to give shine and low maintenance qualities. To clean, we recommend warm soapy water. Silvo and other stainless steel cleaning products can be used safely.

If your product is exposed to high wear and tear, the shine can be quickly restored by using a very fine sandpaper (available from hardware stores)