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Tansel stainless steel wire baskets make the most practical storage solution for your home. We design products that last, handpicking our materials for their aesthetics, value and durability.

Our products come with a lifetime warranty against rust and on the functioning of the slides and mechanisms. Tansel stainless steel wire baskets are a choice you can trust, at a price you will love, with an appearance your family and friends will envy.



1. Easy To Clean

It is easy to keep clean, making it a perfect choice for hygiene, whether it is in the kitchen, laundry, bedroom or bathroom cabinets.

2. Resistant To Corrosion

It is highly resistant to corrosion in all atmospheric conditions, even under exposure to the harshest chemicals in your cleaning products.

3. Light Weight Yet Strong

It is extremely strong yet lightweight. Baskets can be easily lifted as well as unclipped from the slides for easy cleaning to the base of the cabinet.

4. Excellent Visibility

Every thing is visible from all sides! Even if you fit a basket to the upper section of the cabinet, when it’s pulled out you can see what is stored.



Stainless steel makes for simply awesome kitchen storage solutions. Ease of manufacture ensures that we have a stunningly comprehensive range of products for kitchen cabinets, pantries, under sinks and other nooks of almost any dimensions.

We also manufacture products to fit custom dimensions. Add to this the celebrated hygienic, functional, durable and aesthetic qualities of our stainless steel pull out wire baskets and you have all you need for the kitchen storage solution of your dreams.



Tansel quality stainless steel products are suitable for every room in the house. The versatility of our product makes stainless steel storage the go-to choice for storage solutions in your laundry and bathroom too. Non-corrosive stainless steel is also the best choice for storage in these areas of the house that are prone to damp. Our stainless steel  laundry baskets will make mouldy clothes a problem of the past.

And don’t forget the bedroom! Our stainless steel pull out wire baskets store all your clothes and accessories easily and efficiently in your wardrobe – storage for shirts, trousers, scarves/ties and shoes are all catered for. Tansel stainless steel wire baskets are the ultimate storage solution. Our products offer the perfect mix of quality and functionality and never fail to please while doing the job.

Contact us today over the phone or email for an expert discussion on how we can enhance your home with stainless steel storage.


S U P E R I O R  Q U A L I T Y   &   P R O D U C T   R A N G E

Australian owned, Australian designed – all Tansel products are made from stainless steel wire and come in a wide range of standard measurements. Please ask us for further information about custom sizes.


I N T E R N A L  M E A S U R E M E N T S

Simply measure the height, width and depth of your cabinets internally. Contact us with the dimensions (and photos help too) and we can advise you with the rest.


D O – I T – Y O U R S E L F  I N S T A L L A T I O N

Tansel products are easy to install and ideal for DIY jobs. When or where need be, a professional tradesman can do the job also.


L I F E T I M E  W A R R A N T Y

Our chrome plated stainless steel wire comes with a lifetime guarantee against rust. We also include a lifetime warranty on the functionality of slides and mechanisms.


N E E D  A D V I C E ?  C O N T A C T  U S

Our knowledgeable consultants give expert advice to help you select the most suitable products for your storage needs.


Call 02 9440 9800 or email info@tansel.com.au today.


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